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ayurveda massage

Good, the truth I have not had the chance to do any course, (which I hope to try someday) but I have been lucky tested massages and has been the best thing I could do. Mainly because the accumulated stress or our daily ends up directly affect everything and yet in what is least look at ourselves. P.kumar, Besides the massage makes you understand how important it is to have a healthy body and how important it is to pay attention to him every day for a while. There is no denying that gets you a wiggle that pa jajja, but the result is magnificent when you go out and discover what it feels really well with one's body. Should and is a personal opinion, instead of thinking many times in materialism, thinking perhaps give yourself who really deserve it, who endures blows, penalties, bad nutrition, the weight of everyday life, which protects us from external threats… and that is our body, with own life and the engine of our life. I decided to think of me a little and I was lucky to have a great professional as P.kumar, so thank you and I encourage you to try it!! Veronica