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Kerala Panchakarma and Treatment

I did an Ayurveda treatment in Kerala ,of August 2009 .It is quite surprising and unimaginable improvement I have experienced. Tired of going to different places in the West ... and spend a lot of money, I thought my shoulder pain would never go away ,and he would have to live with it. But that summer I trusted P.kumar, and I was treating me for twenty days at its center . At first I felt a lot of pain, because some were muscularly deep massage to treat pain. Other days were pleasant, when it was hot baths with jets oils ,extracted from medicinal plants of India .Siempre knows how to combine pleasure with healing massages .P.kumar told me that when he returned to Spain I remember him because Ayurveda eliminates the root problem , not only treats the symptoms but the causes of pain and diseases , so they do not recur again. Ayurveda treats the person as a unit and works with the whole body, not only with the part where you feel pain.

P.kumar is a person who exudes confidence and tranquility. She is very responsible with their work and the person who comes to him to heal. Each person spends the time necessary and sufficient. It has much knowledge, and still evolving and getting better every day. It is silent, but notes at all times what goes around. He is very intelligent, just the way you walk or sit, problem can deduce that a person, or know that he has eaten his breathing. Really, I've never met a person so involved in their work .No seeking simple economic reward. It is a special person, who has the gift of healing . He was born for that , and its ultimate goal is to help others and pass on their knowledge.