To receive authentic Ayurveda in its surroundings birth, Kerala, with doctors and therapists native, highly qualified, who have dedicated their life to health and Ayurvedic Science.

We will have a daily half hour massage or treatment and consultation with Dr., internal medicine more.

It also includes various activities to learn about the real India Ayurvedic visiting rural areas ,hospitals and retail pharmacies, collecting medicinal plants, temples , living experience that is very difficult to get alone.

You will be in a natural environment, enjoying the paradisiacal beaches of Kerala and the hospitality of its people.

We will also perform yoga , curso de cocina ayurvédica.

And the best of all, with translation into Castilian!


Therapy purification and renewal of the whole organism

What is Panchakarma Program? Ayurvedic consultation with pulse reading to assess your health, massages and treatments, Custom specific vegetarian meals, natural remedies to purify and rejuvenate the body.

What treatments and services offer? DIAGNOSTICO AYURVEDA WITH STRIKING

Purification therapy body

Weight Loss Program

Program treatment of different diseases.



To remove impurities, They stored in fat cells for years, We started with a oleation, that lasts 2 O 3 days. This is done with different types of massage, as abhyanga, massage the whole body with oils. Reduce consumption of fats and heavy foods. This allows us to eliminate toxins from the body. We help with laxative treatment. After removal can be made heat treatments open channel body,and thus go deeper cleaning more. When the body is clean it rejuvenates

Vegetarian meals during treatment

It is recommended that you follow a special personalized diet; thus, foods are easily digestible and improve the body's ability to remove impurities. The diet is based mainly on fresh vegetables, vegetables, cereals, fresh and dried fruit .

Interacting with local market









  • Boating Backwatwers.Paseo quiet backwaters of rivers ,discovering one of the most beautiful natural sites in the world .And Visit the temple where you can celebrate the ritual of purifying fire energy.
  • visit the countryside with Dr. Ayurveda, where we will approach the traditional ayurveda, an ayurvedic hospital visit and know their therapists and patients ,its operation ,etc..(subject to availability of doctors on dates)
  • We will also have the opportunity to visit a traditional and ancient Ayurvedic pharmacy, where many plants collect and prepare some formulas, most local person who has spent years dedicating themselves to this office ,It is being lost because of the great ayurvedic pharmacies. We can buy ayurvedic products. We know some medicinal plants.
  • We visit a community for rural India ,Examples could be; villas, the school, the temple…
  • A yoga class can be at home, la playa's ashram Trivandrum
  • Ayurvedic cooking workshop and special and traditional dinner of Kerala .
Farmacia local Ayurveda de Kerala
Visit vaidya preparing traditional medicines in pharmacy











* Of the 11 al 20 of August 2019 ( 10 intensive days – 12 days with flights)

With traveling plane of 10 al 21 of August

Course activities and check in and find 10 a.m 11 of August

check out and departure 21 August at 10 am .

gurukula Free School Visit


Boat ride on backwaters of rivers











Kottukal a 25 Km from Trivandrum Airport,in a green setting surrounded by palm trees and coconut trees 3 km of beautiful beaches .

The accommodations is homestays . They are family homes adapted with good conditions and amenities . Most are newly built following the old model homes typical kerala but modernized. The idea is to offer a different and unique experience in a rural setting with friendly service and staff, where you can fully contact with the population and interact with their day to day, away from the usual tourist spots where only tourists and traders. That is to say, the place is an opportunity to learn the yogic rural India authentic ayurvedic .

The food is lacto ovo vegetarian. It's a balance us focused on food and purify, by families exclusively for us, with love and using local organic products.



Rural house specialists ayurveda and yoga
Rural house specialists ayurveda and yoga


Since 1250 € , per person in a double room or triple, for reservations made in advance 4 months before departure . 1350 € for bookings made after.

To book you have to give a sneak preview of 500 euros , to deduct the total. And the rest pay cash the first day of the course on arrival in Kerala.

OPTIONAL : Single room supplement: 300 € Ayurveda course 600 €

Exceptionally whether to make a charge in local currency (Indian rupee ) It will apply the exchange rate (INR/EUR) there that day on the Internet at XE : www.xe.com



  • 10 nights in a double room on a bed and full board.
  • All transportation and transfers required for activities, private minibus or taxi.
  • Meeting at the airport with driver, that will go to fetch you and take you to the hotel.Y Transfer to Trivandrum airport to return home.
  • All entrances to the scheduled visits.
  • Yoga class.
  • Ayurveda cooking class and dinner special.
  • Guidelines for activities
  • Local guide and Ayurvedic medicine specialist knowledge of the Spanish language for activities related to ayurveda.
  • Canoe ride.
  • Panchakarma , purification therapy or treatment of diseases


  • International Flights Spain - Trivandrum - Spain
  • India visa (since. 61 €)
  • Personal expenses.
  • Anything not indicated in It includes.
  • Option of yoga and meditation. 10 euros per class (pay directly there if you want to perform)
  • Option to take a course of massage and ayurveda therapist. The cost of the course 7 days is 600 euros, and must be reserved by the reserve panchakarma.



All the programs, dates and prices are fully published on the website ♥ For reservations contact by email