Yoga teachers training with Indian

Native teacher Kerala. Love of Ayurveda and yoga.

One of his passions , in addition to cure and treat, It is to train and provide expertise as a professional, for others to take the path towards life they want to live.

His story begins when small, playing with peers, innately , with pressure and stretching, he returned to consciousness several friends , after falling and received heavy blows.

Vaidya in Medecine Ayurveda and Panchakarma Institute for Traditional Kerala. (duration of studies 5 years )

It is also a doctor who has followed the traditional training system in India , based on the teachings of Guru ( Master-disciple), which plays an essential role oral transmission of knowledge from generation to generation, for many centuries. And where the doctor prepares since childhood, and he spends his childhood and adolescence learning , delivery and total dedication, his profession, his dharma, that is to say, to develop their gifts and potential, what has come to realize in this life.

Specializing in traditional medicine Marma, Marma by the Association of Kerala ,duration of studies 10 years.

work experience 16 years, treating and teaching to people around the world.

He started working on Ayurveda Resorts in 2001, and in 2005 He made a retreat in your life, in an ashram, and he was formed as a teacher of classical Yoga Sivananda lines and Satiananda.

Since then he founded his own yoga center and ayurveda in Kerala.

In 2010 first come to Spain, which it will also create the Lotus Ayurveda and Yoga Center, with the aim of spreading the philosophy of India in the West.