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To learn about the roots of yoga and its authenticity .

A course that will serve not only technically but what you can bring and inspire you in your life.


This course is aimed at anyone interested in exploring the science of Yoga , and for evolucinar as a person or to engage in yoga transmit to others( teachers).

It is also intended to complement courses Ayurveda and Marma, to learn to be worked internally, clean energy and protect themselves through yoga techniques and meditation , y desarrollar la fuente de conocimiento de la intuición.

yoga training will be conducted in different modes ; extended from September to June, 1 0 2 Saturdays month, or mornings or afternoons working, in Seu d'Urgell ; or intensive in the Catalan Pyrenees in Kerala, India

Deepening the study of asanas, pranayamas, meditations,mantras,etc, with theory 35% and above all practices 65% approximately.

The course ends with the option to make a trip to India where we turn to learn about the real India Ayurvedic Yogic-visiting rural areas ,different ashrams ,temples ...,Yogis know several teachers and yoguinis, scholars of books and sacred texts of India,swamis, conferences, and all this, convinándolo with some sightseeing ,enjoying the paradisiacal beaches of Kerala and its natural environment.











Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine originated in India. the oldest health systems in the world are considered. They work a shift with continued practice, where we find ourselves and we start our internal pharmacy. It is a holistic approach to improvement and personal development, because it acts on all defenses and cells of our body repairing them, and for this reason, It can help cure all diseases. It is important to work all aspects or modalities of Yoga for a comprehensive health. Thus, This course works primarily with Hatha Yoga, which it is the classical Indian yoga , a technique using postures Asana, and the physical body, as a means. He Raja Yoga,mechanisms that handles mentales.El Karma Yoga that is selfless action and de-identified. He Bhakti Yoga, cultivates devotion and love puro.El Mantra Yoga ,It uses sounds and musical tones to induce states interiores.El Dhyana Yoga is the internal transformation by the meditation.also they made pranayamas, or exercises control breathing, Savasana our energy vital.Y, that is relaxation and total immobility, where it is absorbed all the benefits of Yoga. Yoga is the medicine of the West, since the excess of activities, It takes many concerns, and we forget about taking a few moments to ourselves, we are the most important.

Native yoga teacher


Practical part ( It will be provided a detailed dossier drawings, description, breathing, Benefits, contraindications if necessary )

  • Hatha yoga sessions
  • Demonstration and practice of different types of asanas.
  • Undoing the posture.
  • Benefits of postures
  • Proper breathing in the posture
  • Detailed description of the correct posture
  • Sanskrit names- Castilian translation
  • Asanas clásicas de Hatha Yoga
  • rare asanas
  • Variants yoga asanas to adapt to all levels
  • advanced asanas
  • The application of mudras and banhas (energy keys) in the asanas.








theoretical (notes by students. Este programa de la parte teórica se completa al realizar los dos cursos /cuatro niveles )

  • History of yoga and meaning.
  • Evolution and goals of a yoga teacher
  • Branches of yoga ; Hatha,…
  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras ; yama, niyama,asana,pranayama,pratyahara,
  • Encompass,dhyana,samadhi.
  • Physiology and anatomy body bone and muscle humano.Estructura.
  • Anatomy of the energy body
  • Mantras or sacred sounds , delving into the most important.
  • Yoga psychology. Yoga and Stress.
  • psychophysical effects of asanas
  • Yoga and Health. Benefits of asanas.
  • Breathing and Pranayamas
  • feeding. balanced nutrition
  • Ayurvedic medicine
  • Relaxation
  • Shat karmas. Cleaning techniques
  • Partner Yoga.
  • Pedagogy of yoga.
  • How to build a yoga session from the physical point of view
  • How to build a yoga session from the energy point of view
  • How to adapt the sessions to all levels and different types of people
  • Gayatri
  • If
  • Nidra yoga ( yoga mental)
  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Los Koshs ( energy bodies)
  • Samsara , Being reincarnation and. the life after death.
  • The influences of asanas. Effects of each group of asanas.
  • Learn to build advanced yoga sessions ( for diseases, more subtle goals ..)
  • Chakras y asanas .
  • Sanskrit Dictionary / Castilian
  • Basics Yoga for pregnant
  • Yoga Basics and senior
  • Preparing to enter yoga instructor certificate .
  • Dimensions or states of mind
  • Karma Yoga
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Yoga teacher. Teacher ratio- disciple.
  • Kshmdhy . mystical experience. spiritual benefits of yoga.
  • Yogis and teachers yoguinis.
  • Yoga sutras comments.
  • Los Kleshas ( tribulations)
  • Glands and yoga
  • Confidence to take classes .
  • Monitoring a project / work and presentation of a thesis.


Will doing yoga practice sessions .The yoga practice sessions are delivered dossier with detailed explanation of the posture correction. And they are combining with theory or conference where notes are taken. Meditations are also performed , Views , Chant mantras ,pranayama and breathing exercises, relaxations… at the end students take exams , la parte práctica consiste en construir y ofrecer una clase corta al resto del grupo y la teórica consiste en un examen final de preguntas tipo test y/o desarrollar un tema a elegir entre varios. Also during the year there are several deliveries in abstract theory made in class. In the basic course delivered 5 yoga classes or sequences as final work. And in the last advanced course it takes a small tesina , which it is the specialty of one of the topics of training. All this part of work at home is certified in hours.



We offer a complete formation of four levels divided into two courses or certificates.

The basic course (nivel I y II ) and Advanced course ( level III and IV)

The first and second level are held together in a course , and provide access to certified yoga instructor, duration of one year in extended mode or two weeks in the intensive mode. En el curso inicial se introducen posturas básicas y se trabaja mucho con la parte de conducta y de toma de consciencia del individuo , a second level yoga teacher where the pedagogical and technical work to know how to build classes ordering the asanas directing a physical target, and that enables you to teach at a basic level .

The third and fourth levels are held together in a course , and provide access to certified yoga teacher, duration of one year in extended mode or two weeks in the intensive mode. you learn to run yoga classes at a deeper or energy level , namely treat different diseases and specific groups.


  • Al finalizar el primer y segundo nivel se entregará un certificado de Instructor de yoga de 300 h . ( 140teaching hours + self-study for extensive mode )( intensive 84 h self-study teaching +). And a detailed certificate with all subjects and grades, to be able to present to the professional certificate issued by the Department of Education, which requires minimum these 300 hours. These are the two basic levels at national and international level . Sino completas el nivel I y II no entregamos este segundo papel ya que es necesario hacer unas horas suficientes y una serie de pruebas y exámenes para poder valorar a la persona correctamente.
  • También ofrecemos un nivel III y IV, que se obtiene un certificado de Profesor de Yoga de 600 h , for those who are interested in exploring the science of yoga . At this level you specialize and do a final thesis on a topic. And also a detailed certificate with all subjects and notes, which shall contain all the full agenda and all hours recommended by the education department to access government certificate.
  • All certificates are issued by Bank of Ayurveda and Yoga , registered in the Generalitat of Catalonia , firmados por el director nativo de la India y la directora Sivaneih profesora acreditada por el Departamento de educación.
  • To obtain the certificates necessary to have attended the 80 % sessions and 100% payment, although some seminary is missing. You do not pay for class but place on the course.
  • 1 theoretical examination for each course ( Theory sessions)
  • 1 examen práctico para cada curso (A yoga practice session)


Master directs P.kumar native of India dedicated to ayurveda and yoga and Sivaneih of Catalonia devoted to yoga and energy , Professor accredited by the Department of Education.

Podéis ampliar y ver currículums abriendo el apartado de nosotros en la pantalla de inicio de la web.


Yoga teachers training with Indian

Native teacher Kerala. Love of Ayurveda and yoga.

One of his passions , in addition to cure and treat, It is to train and provide expertise as a professional, for others to take the path towards life they want to live.

Vaidya Ayurveda and Panchakarma Medicine by the Institute of Traditional Kerala. (duration of studies 5 years ).Specializing in traditional medicine Marma, Marma by the Association of Kerala ,duration of studies 10 years. Professor of Classical Yoga Sivananda lines and Satiananda.

work experience 20 years, treating and teaching to people around the world in India and Catalonia.


” Yoga is a gift to humanity”

“Thanks to all the ancestors, yoguis y maestro@s que me permiten disfrutar y aprender de la enseñanza del yoga

Degree in Philosophy at the UAB . experience 15 years in secondary education ,Primary and child in the Department of Education of the Generalitat as a professor of philosophy, psychology and English .

In the year 2001 ,with 23 years, He made his first trip to India and will have their first yoga master. Since then, refines his vocation and heads toward Eastern philosophy. It is dedicated to the world of yoga and energy since 20 years.

He has studied and taught different yoga techniques and energy in India , especially in the line Satyananda , where he lived, and spent long periods in a 20 years , and Catalonia.














1Option th

140 teaching hours + self-study

two levels will be held in one year.

14 sessions 10 hours from September to June.

Extensive One Saturday a month. From 9.30 a 14:30 and of 15:30 a 20:30.

Course 2020/21 : 19/9, 17/10 , 7/11 , 21/11, 12/12 , 9/1, 23/1 ,13/2 , 27/2, 13/3 , 27/3, 17/4 , 29/5 ,12/6.


2Option th ( WORKING)

two levels are made in one year. 140 teaching hours + autoestudio.Repartidas in 30 sessions 5 hours.( 24 sessions 5 hours and 6 3.5H sessions)

Course 2020/21 : Laborables los Wednesday of 9:30 a 14:30 of the 23 September to 9 of June. Less of the Christmas holidays 23 Dec. 13 January included, Easter in the 24 March to 7 abril incluidos y 12 of May.

Los primeros seminarios de octubre a marzo se dividirán las clases por cursos. The first seminar of the month the students of the basic course will receive specific classes. And the second seminar of the month the students of the advanced course will receive specific classes.

For students of the basic course, the second seminar each month the schedule will be special 9:30 a 13h.

For students of the advanced course the first seminar of each month from October to March will be special hours 9:30 a 13 h.

Intensive training in the Pyrenees of CATALONIA

3Option th

84 teaching hours + self-study. Curso básico ( level I and II)

intensive of 1 al 13 of June 2020.

Every day of 9:30 a 14 h,and of 15 a 17:30 h. Sunday festive.

Special Saturday hours 10 14h and 16 a 19h.

7 daily hours during 12 days.

YOGA IN INDIA TRAINING. 4Option th .( Look at the homepage in the section India )


















Registration and reservations 800 euros (Administration fees, nonrefundable)

OFFER 650 tuition euros (If you make tuition four months before the start of the course )

Rest of the course: 1500 euros

It includes course and materials.

The rest of the course payment is due in cash the first day of the course on arrival. is not accepted.

Nonpayment, automatic low course involves losing all rights.

Total 2300 euros ( 2150 euros on sale)

The autonomous requiring VAT return in Spain for intensive must advise prior to enrollment, and inform them how to make payments, in the extensive form is equal ,but for intensive it will be different, making it spread payments.




Registration or reservation 400 euros (Administration fees, nonrefundable) .It is held for each course , a reservation for the basic course, and a reserve for the advanced course in case you want to do it next year.

offer Registration 300 euros (Discount if you make registration before the 15 May cash)

10 fees 250 euros each month .

Total 2500 euros + Registration 400 e (1 course) = 2900 total

Offer 2500 euros + registration 300e (1 course) = 2800 total (before making enrollment 15 mayo)

Offer 10% off the entire course, if the entire course is paid , cash, when you enrolled, before the 30 of June :

That is to say 2500 euros including the entire course and enrollment , whether you realize it before 15 of May.

Y 2600 euros including the entire course and enrollment , whether you realize it before 30 of June.

Enrollment period for extensive :Of the 1 April to 30 of June.

Places are very limited. After the 30 June we can be in India all summer , following the school calendar and communication may be less fluid when making online license plates with the last places remaining. This year 2020 we expect to close the center of the 15 July to 15 of August.


General information on payments for extensive option

El pago de la matrícula se realiza en efectivo en el centro y se realiza entrevista.Los pagos del resto del curso se realizarán por domiciliación bancaria a principios de mes. September to June.

And cash for non-Spanish ( andorranos, French..) ,each seminar, before starting at the beginning of the month. We do not have targetas. And leaving cash deposit 250 euros at the time of enrollment , that are returned when the student completes the course. In this mode , those who pay in cash and missing a seminar must pay the seminar fee they missed, maximum in the next workshop.

Nonpayment, automatic low course involves losing all rights.

If you make registration near the course date, you must pay the two payments at a time( tuition and the first month payment)

Enrollment is not considered done if the request is not signed delivery.

Once you are enrolled , It is mandatory 100% payment, although some seminary is missing. Do not pay for seminary if not square , so, that you agree to perform the entire course and to pay it if you have to leave. Then, You can be given various options as reenganchar another time or another form, if possible.

If you miss a seminar,practical seminar material will be presented at the next seminar.

If you miss more than 70% a level , It is due from the course , having to enroll again, again and repeat the entire course, making the corresponding full payment.

If you can not attend a seminar you must call in advance

First class of yoga teachers in La Seu


– Please bring comfortable clothes and wide ,for free movement of energy, notebook and pen for theory. Water.

– Leave shoes at the entrance, and bags and jackets in your wardrobe. Enter the room the essentials. And of course moving off and in the dressing room.

– make light meal and if it can be vegetarian, for purification during the day we celebrate the course.

– You can not eat or bring food in the room. During lunch for Saturday and intensive mode center will be closed.

Cualquier duda, observation, clarification ,make information directly relevant to the teacher in person. Please do not utilicéis the WhatsApp, because we use it only for short communication, ask or cancel appointments or warn not to attend the seminar. Using the WhatsApp forces us to work with a small apparatus and always available, ie to be very distracted and little present , which is precisely what we are trying to educate students / as.

– Respect the teacher as a group. Conviviality, positive attitudes and tolerance among all members , It is very important for the proper functioning of the course. Look for the kind way ,empathic and positive, not to create reactions or negative energies. Search ask questions from the heart not from the ego.

– The material delivered is for you, these they coming to these classes and prepared / or to receive. Thank you for not reproduce the material, and not work to people not ready perform the asanas from ignorance, ego and only from the physical part, that is what has happened a lot in the West.

-It is a responsibility of the student to cultivate good deeds, prerequisite to be a good yoga teacher. It should be noted that the education system in India is reversed, first taught the person to be a good person and have a balance and personal development and then when it is ready ,knowledge and skills taught. What you want advice is that without love DELIVERY practice and technique will be empty. Love ,la entrega y la intuición son actitudes que el alumno deberá trabajar fuerte en su día a día ,the balance itself to balance others.

– daily practice of meditation and yoga are advised .

– Reflections on Cultural Differences:

This course is intended to use Western and Eastern methods, but it is well to reflect before starting the course.

Western teacher works from the ego, to dominate,intelligence,reason , technique,Control organization,oratorical power, quickly answers.

The teacher works des oriental love,humility,intuition,heart, Energy,spontaneity, fluideza ,silence, thought out answers, delivery.

– It does not play music from the organization of the course.

– The path of yoga lifelong. Do not ever think you know it all , never stop learning ,to seek and to advance . La meta del yoga es consciencia y espiritualidad transcendiendo el Ego.



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