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Trivandrum – kottukal- Neyyar Dam – Kanyakumari – Kovalam- Kollan (Amrrithapuri)-Alleppey – Angamali - Kaladi

A spiritual path to South India, visiting the area Kerala . An itinerary to practice yoga, receive ayurveda, Meditation ... in an environment of great natural beauty.

Also visit the Ashram de Amma and participate with them in their devotional rites. We also will approach Sivananda Ashram, where we think ,yoga and breathe his peace.

A very special trip to renew one's energy through the traditional wisdom of India and its deep spirituality.

A different trip, to know places, and contact with the population, Which they are difficult to go alone, as we have the opportunity to feel wrapped, by native guide Kerala, with knowledge of Spanish-speaking, and also ayurveda and yoga specialist.



  • Afternoon departure from Barcelona or Madrid
  • Arrival at Trivandrum at dawn
  • Airport pickup .
  • Traslado en taxi a Homestay shanti nilayam o similar

Day 2 KOTTUKAL ( rural experience, in a green environment surrounded by palm and coconut trees , we will be in a house having an experience in rural India authentic ,away from tourist areas ,with vegetarian and organic food, and in contact with the population)

  • Iremos en taxi a Poovar- Boating quiet backwaters of rivers Paseo ,visiting villages and discovering one of the most beautiful natural sites in the world
  • Marapalam temple visit and celebration bid, fire ritual.
  • Silent Meditation


  • A traditional ayurvedic hospital visit and know their therapists and patients ,its operation,etc…
  • We will also have the opportunity to visit a traditional and ancient Ayurvedic pharmacy, where many plants collect and prepare some formulas. Most local person who has spent years dedicating themselves to this profession that is being lost because of the great ayurvedic pharmacies. We can buy ayurvedic remedies.
  • Visit the rural community and family houses. Walk around the rural India, We know some medicinal plants.
  • Ayurveda cooking course in Kerala ,.Aprenderemos special dinner and prepare different vegetarian dishes and ayurvedic.

trip to India


  • Visit the school and its humanitarian project. Visit the rural community . Walk around the rural India.
  • Taxi to Neyyerdam ( 2 hours approx) programming and follow ashram


Day 5 Y 6 NEYYERDAM ( SIVANANDA ASHRAM ) Yoga and meditation experience, andwith the ancient wisdom of India.

We participate in the life of ashram, following this program daily:

basic program Ashram 0520 WAKE hrs CAMPANA 0600 hrs Satsang 0730 TEA TIME hrs 0800 hrs ASANA CLASE 1000 hrs LUNCHEON MEAL 1100 hrs Karma Yoga 1230 hrs CLASE COACHING (optional) 1330 TEA TIME hrs 1400 hrs CONFERENCE 1600 hrs ASANA CLASE 1800 CENA hours 2000 Satsang hrs Closing lights- 2200 hours daily schedule may change from time to time depending on the needs. kindly note, the spoken language and the teaching of the ashrams is English. Definition of Terms Satsang: Satsang consists of silent meditation, singing and conversation or reading in the philosophy of yoga and Vedanta. This will help you develop a meditation practice. Karma yoga: Karma Yoga is the practice of selfless service that helps guests feel like part of the ashram. It is expected to make up to an hour per day of selfless service in the ashram. Conference: The talks cover 4 paths of yoga, “The 5 points of Yoga”, Vedanta philosophy and other subjects in yoga. Asana class: We offer morning and afternoon classes for beginners and intermediate classes. Students are introduced to the practice of pranayama and 12 basic postures. For intermediate level we follow the regular class including variations Sivananda. lunch / Price: Indian style simple vegetarian meals. The accommodation is simple. We offer accommodation in bedrooms and a limited number of shared double rooms with attached bathrooms. We can not guarantee reservation of double rooms. There are separate rooms for men and women. Single accommodation is not available in any of the ashrams. What to wear comfortable clothes, flips flops, toiletries, personal articles, meditation shawl for cool evenings, asana yoga mat or pad, meditation cushion, notebooks, pens, towels, and a torch.

These items can be purchased at the ashram Store. Rules and Guidelines To maintain the spiritual atmosphere ask all guests of the ashram to comply with the rules of the ashram. The ashram reserves the right to refuse admission and students may be asked to leave if their behavior is against the rules and teachings of the ashram.

Day 7 KANYAKUMARI-( Hindu pilgrimage city, temples, sUNSET)

Temple in India

  • Transfer to Kanyakumari ( taxi 3 hours approx) and sleep there http://seaview.in/
  • Visit Naguercoil Temple Road .
  • Monument where Gandhi's ashes remain and know their philosophy and moral
  • Templo Kumari Amman
  • Kanyakumary is the end, the last tip of India, is the combination of three seas, and it is near the Ecuador, We see the sunset over the dawn of the moon with only a few minutes apart.

Day 8 KANYAKUMARI –KOVALAM ( famous for its wonderful beaches )

buying crafts in India

  • Vivekananda Rock. little rock / island where the yogi meditated and chose to take the moral message and yoga beyond India to the West.
  • OM meditation , in the House of Meditation.
  • Transfer to train Kovalam (3h) + taxi and sleep there


kerala beaches

  • We climb the lighthouse and we bathe in the sea with its beautiful beaches with palm trees.
  • We receive a full one-hour massage ayurveda.
  • time to buy artisanship imported from across India, Nepal and Tibet or henna tattoos… or relax on the beach.


  • Taxi, a Amma ashram , the famous spiritual teacher for his hugs and his visits to the West.
  • Slebrakión del Discourses ( singing and reciting mantras, sacred sounds , with typical instruments.
  • Participation in the Puja , fire ritual offering to God


Day 11 ALLEPPEY ( It is the Venice of the East, network of rivers)

  • Recitation of 1000 Names of the supreme power and meditation.
  • Receive Dharsam ( hug ) de Amma ( Amma subject to calendar )
  • Transfer to Allepey and sleep there
  • Romantic boat ride on the backwaters of rivers ,visiting villages and discovering one of the most beautiful natural sites in the world .


  • Alleppey this day in a special festival competition consists of a race called snake boats held (Nehru Trophy Boat Race-2016) .It is one of the most famous boat races in the world that attracts thousands of spectators from India and abroad. A wonderful show with boats specially designed with 100 rowers including drums and accompanied by ridges on the boat.

Day 13 Angamali-Kaladi ( Ashram)

  • Transfer to Angamali taxi and sleep there ( hotel a 3 km from the airport)
  • Visita a Shankaracharya ashram, knowing the philosophy of the yogi and spiritual master.
  • Meditation farewell at the ashram temple

Trip to India Bathing elephants


  • Transfer to the airport by taxi


Of the 2 al 15 of August



  • hotels 3 Y 4 .Rooms with double sinks stars. They are in quiet places and surrounded by nature. Air conditioning and hot water
  • Shanti Nilayam Homestay . Cottage with shared rooms 3 Sink and shower in each room. Hot water
  • Rooms and shared bathrooms



Lodging and Meals:

  • 12 nights stay:

2 Homestay nights in full board.(3 triple and 1 room of 4 people)

3 sivanda ashram nights on full board

6 days in hotel double room, of which:

  • 3 days full board
  • 4 days without meals ( approximately from 15 O 20 euros or 1000-1500 rupees per day) the days that do not fall meals are:

Day 9 Kovalam , day 11 and day 12 allepey, day 13 Angamaly

  • All transportation and transfers necessary , Taxi big guy SUV ( Toyota indigo )from 7 air-conditioned spaces, or private minibus.
  • All activities and scheduled visits.
  • 2 boating
  • Ayurveda cooking workshop
  • An ayurvedic massage.
  • Native Spanish speaking guide throughout the stay in India.


  • International flight. Recommended ARAB EMIRATES , travels straight to Trivandrum ,the price ranges from 800 euros depending on advance purchase and season. It is advisable to leave the reserves before February, and also arrange tickets. The organization can not process the tickets but the flight details to be purchased online or at any travel agency given Spanish.
  • Visa (since. 61 €)each must arrange arrange a visa in your passport. Information is provided.
  • Personal expenses
  • Anything not indicated in It includes.

PRICE: Since 1350€ per person in a double room in hotels and dormitories in ashrams and house full board less 4 days (Kovalam ,Allepey , munnar, Angamali meals are paid for what you use each)


Single room supplement for hotels : 250 €