Therapy purification and renewal of the whole organism


What is Panchakarma Program? Ayurvedic consultation with pulse reading to assess your health, massages and treatments, Custom specific vegetarian meals, natural remedies to purify and rejuvenate the body.

What treatments and services offer? You can take 14 O 21 days of treatments. a maximum interval of visits of two or better three times a week is advised. So treatment 14 sessions will take approximately one month.


First an ayurvedic consultation is conducted to determine the constitution, the problem and proper treatment in terms of massages and treatments, herbs or supplements and proper diet.

To remove impurities, They stored in fat cells for years, We started with a oleation, that lasts 3 days . This is done with different types of massage, as abhyanga, oil massage. Reduce consumption of fats and heavy foods. This allows us to eliminate toxins from the body. Ajudamos with laxative treatment. After removal can be made heat treatments open channel body,and thus go deeper cleaning more. When the body is clean it rejuvenates.

Vegetarian meals during treatment

It is recommended that you follow a special personalized diet; thus, foods are easily digestible and improve the body's ability to remove impurities. The diet is based mainly on fresh vegetables, vegetables, cereals, fresh and dried fruit biological.


day treatments Duration
1 Consultation + Diet 50minutes
2, 3, 4 Oil massage Abhyangam 50minutes
5, 6, 7 Elakizhi-BolsitasHierbas 50minutes
8,9,10 Marma, Instead o Kativasti 50minutes
11,12,13 personalized treatment 50minutes
14 Purgation 45minutes

Total 14 PRICE days 700 EUROS.

spread over 50 euros each visit.

*Supplementing with purifying herbs and rejuveneciminto ,not included in the price. Usually brings up spending 50 euros.

Accompanied by herbal supplements depending on the problem.

*Panchakarma can be performed 14 O 21 days.

Price 14 days without herbal supplements


Weight Loss Program

Ayurveda slimming treatment

Obesity is the biggest health problem creator diseases,at

Modern style vida.Incluye specific massages, yoga, DIET,

power according to your constitution, ayurveda herbal supplements.

14 sessions

Beauty Program

ayurvedic massage face

Special to treat pimples, acne, wrinkles, spots,to strengthen and

loss prevention cabello.Implica performing rubs

face and head,facials and application of medicated oils

Back program

Pain in the neck

Is serious back problems, cervical and

lumbar. chronic pain.

It includes various types of massages,treatments and


Rejuvenation therapy

Ayurveda massage with spice oilOur body performs degenerative changes every day with the elavance

age. This therapy helps to rejuvenate the skin completely, tonificándola

and stopping premature aging process, eliminates toxins,genera

condicinón good health and longetividad.

anti stress program

beautiful woman runs on a gladeEffective in reducing the stress caused by work ,the

Personal life…It includes performing massages,

treatments,yoga and meditation.