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Energy healing course in seu d'urgell


During this month offering an energy therapy 25 euros/ 50 minutes.

Specialists stress problems,anxiety, insomnia, self esteem,motivation, emotional intelligence, i personal care psychotherapy.

There are several therapies or técnicasenergéticas.

All the techniques I use are based on the Vedic knowledge from the India, more than 5000 years of antiguaty.

are emerging lately many names, and varieties of therapies, but bear in mind, in all, considering the energy as the cornerstone of health and human well-being.

These energy therapies try to achieve that well-being and physical and mental balance patient, through channeling said energy.

They act reactivating communication of energy channels in the physical body and restoring the electromagnetic flux between cells, activating a new frequency, which reverts to greater well-being at all levels and provides the basis for harmonious and lasting integration.

Modern physics teaches us that everything is composed of energy. This energy flows in our body ducts . The pressures of daily life, lifestyle, disturbing thoughts and emotions, among other causes, They can result in the loss of that balance, accumulation, deficit or blockages in different parts of the energy system, interfering with proper circulation of vital energy flow and subsequently giving way to various disorders, ailments and diseases.

Energy and vibrational techniques act by restoring the vital energy flow.

The patient is lying or silent meditation posture,(We work with the psychology of leaving a blank mind, and stop the mind)and is the therapist who guides energy through different techniques, based on the imposition of hands, pressures, stretching, display ,guides, Pranic meditation and conscious breathing ,according to patient need




It is a cleansing to solve our problems, diseases and ailments from its origin, which they are often in the energy body, to influence squarely in the field emotional and sentimental where they originate most physical problems , manifesting itself in symptoms. It is the general healing because it uses various techniques; Energy, Prana, chakras, stones, cleanings, Views, sound,guides according to patient need.

50 minutes / Price 35 euros



  • healing RECONECTIVA

Healing Reconectiva, It allows the patient to open new healing frequencies, both in its physical side, emotional, mental and above spiritual. 40 minutes / Price 35 euros

  • Reconnection

Helps you align your energy field with the energy field of the Earth, and therefore the Universe, allowing us to grow and evolve as people.

It is much more than therapy, It is to help you recognize more directly to your To be and go “perceiving”reality through it and not the Ego, thus they cease to matter certain things in your life, to move to give priority to other, which they are what really help you to be happy . 1 Time / Price 75 euros.

  • Urihka

lonely oak in Sardinia

Technique to detach people or things, feelings or thoughts.

1 Time / Price 75 euros


  • Pranic healing and chakra balancing

Cleaning chakras in seu d'urgell

The concept of the Chakras born in Hindu culture. Are energy centers of our energy body (Aura).Are the main agents of regulation of this energy field, acting as transformers or gateways to the Vital Energy ( Prana)

50 minutes / price 35 euros



People and Places

The Vasthu is to use energy, that subtle force that surrounds us, which it is present in all places, for our convenience, seeking their support, to find the balance between us and the outside environment around us and influences us. Try to understand and balance the energies own home or business, which depend on several factors. 1 hour / 250 euros



The crystal acts as a seeker of mental models that are in our consciousness, detecting negative programming, that they are affecting our health, and recode 50 minutes / 35 euros

  • sanacion VIBRATIONAL

massage Tibetan bowls in seu d'urgell

Used as a means sound ,voice and instruments to induce certain vibrational frequencies healing. 50 minutes / 35 euros






Dream Yoga "or"psychic sleep"It is a powerful method that produces a very deep relaxation.

It is to follow the therapist's voice to guide you through different displays sistemáticas.Se reaches the disconnection of external stimuli and sensory, achieving the "inner silence. 45 minutes / 45 euros



WhattsApp concerted message Dating 677739318

From small sample leanings towards the study of the mind, psychology and behavior.

With 17 year starts in shamanism ,which will culminate in Mexico 19 years, and will be the gateway to altered states of consciousness and to understand reality as energy.

Degree in Philosophy at the UAB . And Experience 15 years in secondary education ,Primary and child in the Department of Education of the Generalitat .

In the year 2001 ,with 23 years, He made his first trip to India and will have their first yoga master.

Since then, He refines his vocation and is dedicated to the world of yoga and energy. With 18 years of experience.

He has studied and taught different yoga techniques and energy in India ,where he lived, and spent long periods since 18years ,and in Spain.

The experience of motherhood in the 2013 accompanied by educational experience, leisure and yoga, It is the strength to engage in yoga for babies, Pregnancy and children, because they are the hope for a better future.

Founder and Director of the NGO We are U.N.O

Allocates part of the profit center Lotus. organizes, develops and implements humanitarian aid projects in India, especially with children.

Cofounder of the association of yoga and Ayurveda in Kerala, It is purporting to be a dialogue between East and West.

From the 2009 P.KUMAR assists and collaborates with Kerala in the training of Ayurveda ,Marma and Yoga Teachers.

Together they begin in April-May 2014, after working 4 years in Seu d'Urgell, Lotus, Centre d´Ayurveda ,Yoga and Personal Growth , with the aim of spreading the light of knowledge of India in Spain, and thus evolve by helping others in their growth.