Chennai -Kachipuram- Thiruvanamalai – Pondicherry-Auroville- Mamallapuram


Tamil Nadu has a history dating back thousands of years. It is a land where traditions and culture are mixed and continue to live in harmony. The state abounds in monuments and temples that the oldest of India, and each one ,It has its own history of religious achievements, artistic and cultural.

Are there answers found, on this earth Dravidian , charming old, at the southern tip of India ?

Tamil Nadu has a long coastline with many great places and the golden sands of the beach are lined with coconut trees and plantations.

This is a cultural journey through all the ancient monuments of Tamil Nadu , spiritual for participating in Auroville ,the ideal city and some ashrams .

India, it is without a doubt, ideal for touring the country a thousand times, without repeating the same trip; contrasts in its varied geography, in its people and their way of life along with the wide range culturally, invite travelers to discover a different India on every occasion.

Our distinctive is the familiar treatment, Close and human. No intermediaries, and sellers of travel agencies , Buying local promoters travel, and these, in turn put any guide . The same people who sell you the trip, you report, you receive and accompany you throughout your stay. In addition the level of Spanish-speaking guides is low, and it is an opportunity to be accompanied by a local person who also speaks the Spanish language, so we could feel wrapped and protected, and to determine the authenticity of India , their traditions. And now live in places where it would be very difficult to access alone.



Morning departure from the respective airports

Arrival in Chennai in the morning .


Visit important places, temples and bazaars of the city.









DAY 3 ºKACHIPURAM ( Known for its silk saris, one of the shrines ... 7 sacred cities on the continent sub) (75km 2 h ca.)

Kailasanatha Temple . Beautiful architecture Pallava. Vaikuntha Perumal Temple. Kamamakshi Amman Temple

Kanchipuram, India - 1300 year old Kailasanathar Temple, circumambulatory passage

HE 4º KACHIPURAM- THIRUVANNAMALAI ( ashram, meditation) (140 km 3 h ca.)

( One of the five sacred cities of Tamilnadu Incredibles Sanctuaries, Babies(Santos), nature, ashram, sacred ponds, pilgrimage trails)

Varadarajaperumal temple

Sankararendar. It is a place ,of a dynasty of holy men ( acharya).In the meditation hall we can hear the young people singing verses in Sanskrit bragmanes.

Transfer to Thiruvanamalai, pilgrimage site of Sages and Masters around the world.

Arunachala extinct volcano , with its reddish supernatural at dawn. This mountain is also related to the famous saint Sri Ramana Maharishi where he pondered retirement during 23 years.

It is a beautiful hill 800 meters high, with almost pyramidal, Hindus consider it a manifestation of Lord Shiva, the destroyer of ego, the source of life to reach the state of Wisdom.

It is definitely a magical place that attracts pilgrims, Wise Teacher, not only across India but throughout the world.

This is the case of Ramana Maharshi, one of the most important spiritual teachers in India that emerged during the first half of the twentieth century, and today continues to devotees and followers worldwide.

Arunachaleshvara temple ( The Temple of Eternal Dawn)

DAY 5 and 6 º THIRUVANAMALAI (spirituality, trekking)

We climb to the caves where the teacher remained in meditation, Virupaksha y al ashram Sri Ramanasram. From the cave Skandasraman we can have a good view , It is also a place of meditation. Also we participate in any ritual or chants mantras in the ashram ( monastery)

We will make the pilgrimage route in autorikshaw or walk. It is a spiritual path around the mountain Arunachala , wonderful excursion offers beautiful views of the city and surrounding areas. It is known as Pradakshana because according to locals this sacred ritual has the benefits of suppression of sins and achieving the wishes, liberation from the cycle of rebirth and spiritual liberation.

The road is made in a meditative state, singing, or sharing with others. We can live this unique spiritual experience.

We will have opportunity to attend the darshan of Shiva Shakti, guru who went silent for many years and gives his darshan through the eyes.

DAY 7th and 8th Puducherry ( ashram, spirituality) (110 km 2.30 h ca.)

Sri Aurobind ashram and meditation, know the philosophy teacher.

Walk along the beach in Goubert Salai , Pondicherry

Visita a Auroville, settlement communities around the world .It land donated by 124 countries to form a universal city , beyond creed and color. Auroville, city ​​founded by Mother, spiritual companion of the Indian master Sri Aurobindo,"Creator of a line of integral yoga. Where men andvisit-auroville Women learn to live in peace and harmony, beyond all beliefs, political opinions and nationalities ".

The Matrimandir is a place for silent concentration, a place to find oneself, where experiences are very deep, because it is a very energetic place, and facilitates the feeling , to change consciousness, and opening the mind to other planes.

DAY 9th and 10th Mamallapuram (archeology , sculptures, sandy beaches ,handicrafts. Recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO ) (100 km 2 h ca.)

Mandapa Krishna and Arjuna's Penance. Large sculptures carved in stone.

Sculpture Ganesha Ratha and Varaha cave

The Shore Temple with its characteristic silhouette over the ocean

Mahishasuramardini headlights and cave with sculptures and paintings.

Pancha Pandava Rathas. 5 sculptures that mimic temples.

Free time for beach, craft shops ...

Arjuna's Penance, Mahabalipuram, India, Asia


Transfer to Chennai ,City tour and farewell with guides.


Chennai airport transfer


OPTIONAL CONTINUE TO TRIVANDRUM: Possibility of continuing the trip to Trivandrum, to make a different trip and stand in one place 10 days . A house where you can take a course in Ayurveda, natural medicine of Kerala, or receive a panchakarma, a cure cleansing and purification at all levels, physical and mental, with massages and daily treatments, healthy eating and nearby visits, Off to complete and return full of vitality. Panchakarma dates or course are the 11 al 20 of August. With international travel tickets, of the 10 al 21 of August. For those who stretch themselves tribal trip with this option. Bridge Day is the 10 of August, to move from Kochin to Trivandrum, nail 6 hours by taxi, or you can take domestic flight.



Of the 30 July to 10 of August 2020



Hotels are 3 stars . Air conditioner, some pool ... and restaurants where you can find both western food in all countries, as typical local food.



1or nights in a double room on a bed and breakfast .

All transportation and transfers necessary during the journey in private air-conditioned minibus or taxi depending on the number of people.

All activities and scheduled visits. Donations to the ashram and temples

Local guide speaks Spanish and English throughout the stay in India.

Spanish companion guide .

Local guides for some cultural and historical visits.



International flight. The price varies depending on advance purchase and season, since 850 euros.

Visa (since. 61 €) visit www.indiavisados.com

Personal expenses, drinks

Foods . During the day we are visiting, It shall be eaten in simple places, the typical rice dish with companions not worth more than 4 O 5 euros, and at night you can dine at the hotels , where you can find more variety of Western and local dishes. Prices spending per day can range from 1000 rupees per day ( some 15 euros).

Tikets by use of cameras, videos..

Gratuities to local guides , Hotels …

Anything not shown in Includes.

PRICE: Since 1.250 € per person in a double room.

For bookings made in advance 4 months before departure. 1350 euros for bookings made after.

To book down payment 500 Euro non-refundable ,to discount the rest paid in cash on the first day India.

(OPTIONAL )Single room supplement: 400

Exceptionally whether to make a charge in local currency (Indian rupee ) It will apply the exchange rate (INR/EUR) there that day on the Internet at XE : www.xe.com



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