(Learn to heal through pressure on energy points of the body)

With Pkumar Ayurveda and yoga master from Kerala


Marma vital points of the body or represent points where the body and mind together. According to the Ashtanga Hridaya, these are points where major nerves called Dhamani coincide with other structures such as muscles, tendons, etc. These points are the seats of life. Marmas are also the places where life energy prana is present. Pranic channels are related to various internal organs.


  • Introduction to Marma (energy points) and history
  • Classification and nature of the Marma points as:
  • Location
  • Measure
  • corresponding organs
  • symptom
  • Indications or benefits stimulation
  • Techniques or methods of stimulation points Marma .Snehana ( oleation)Lepana ( emplastes application of herbs)
  • Agni karma ( applying heat) ( Moxibustión)
  • Criminal ( deep pressures without oil)
  • Guide pressures and how to play
  • Different types of Chititsa ( therapies)RUPA ( View ) Activation of chakras. Color Therapy. Application of color in curación.SHABDA ( Sound) Curacion vibrational.
  • Enable PRANIC HEALING Prana( vital energy ) in your hands and healing application.
  • Touch ( touch)
  • Marma points imbalance. Process or stages of disease.
  • The marmas points and treatment:
  • Marmas arms and hands
  • Marmas face and head
  • Mrms give L'Kbza,neck and ear
  • Marmas chest and abdomen
  • Marmas back and hips
  • Marmas legs and feet
  • Introduction to Herbs and medicinal oils
  • Management of different disorders with Marma Therapy.
  • Marmas used for different symptoms:
  • First aid
  • Dolores
  • Organs and glands
  • neurological disorders
  • circulatory
  • Cardiac and respiratory
  • gastrointestinal
  • Reproductive and genitourinary
  • Limb disorders
  • Balancing emotions
  • mental



  • Students will receive a certificate of training and Marma Therapy Massage at the end of the course, duration 100h, issued by entity registered with the government
  • Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the Course – on condition of attendance and course.
  • You need to have attended the 90 % sessions and 100% payment( even if you miss a session)
  • 1 theoric exam ( Theory sessions)
  • 1 practical test

chinese medicine doctor teaching Acupoint on human model


The course consists of 10 modules including formation theory and practice. printed material for the steps will be given in the massage , theory and schemes must be used by the student / a,which should take notes. It is a very experiential way and essentially practical.




* Of the 21 January to 27 from January 2018

( 1 intensive week)

With traveling plane of 20 January to 28 from January

Course activities and check in and find 10 a.m 21 from January

check out and departure 28 January at 10 am




The course consists of modules that include theory and practical training .It deliver printed material theory schemes to be employed by the student / a.



  • Students will receive a certificate Therapist Training Marma at the end of the course 100 hours, Entity issued by Ayurveda and Yoga registered with the government
  • Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the Course – provided assistance , use and payment of the course.
  • 1 theoric exam ( Theory sessions)
  • 1 practical test


Maestro Kumar .From Kerala (India). The cradle of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Castilian translation

Alchemists, preparing oils

Native teacher Kerala. Love of Ayurveda and yoga.

One of his passions , in addition to cure and treat, It is to train and provide expertise as a professional, for others to take the path towards life they want to live.

Vaidya Ayurveda and Panchakarma Medicine by the Institute of Traditional Kerala.

Specializing in traditional medicine Marma, Marma by the Association of Kerala.

Professor of Classical Yoga Sivananda lines and Satiananda.

experience 16 years, treating and teaching to people around the world.




It is performed intensively for 6 days / 7 Daily hours. full time.

Certificate of 100 h.

approximate time

Early in the morning, receive Panchakarmas ( optional )

lunch 9:30 , Food 14:30 , Price 19:30

Course 10 a 14 and of 16 a 19 h.



Buying handmade products Ayurveda


Kottukal a 25 Km from Trivandrum Airport,in a green setting surrounded by palm trees and coconut trees 3 km of beautiful beaches .

The accommodations is homestays . They are family homes adapted with good conditions and amenities . Most are newly built following the old model homes typical kerala but modernized. The idea is to offer a different and unique experience in a rural setting with friendly service and staff, where you can fully contact with the population and interact with their day to day, away from the usual tourist spots where only tourists and traders. That is to say, the place is an opportunity to learn the yogic rural India authentic ayurvedic .

The food is lacto ovo vegetarian. It's a balance us focused on food and purify, by families exclusively for us, with love and using local organic products.

The place and people. We get the love we give and we have received.
Rural house specialists ayurveda and yoga
Rural house specialists ayurveda and yoga












Since 980 € / 72500 rupees, per person in a double room or triple, for reservations made in advance 3 months before departure .

OPTIONAL : Single room supplement: 300 €/ 22.000 rp / Panchakarma 500 € /35.000 rp

If we must make a payment in local currency (Indian rupee ) It will apply the exchange rate (INR/EUR) there that day on the Internet at XE : www.xe.com


  • 6 nights in a double room or triple bed and full board.
  • Meeting at the airport with driver, that will go to fetch you and take you to the hotel. And transfer to Trivandrum airport to return home.
  • Marma massage course and therapy (42 h. of class)
  • Registered certificate ( 200 hours , 42 face + self-study)


  • International Flights Spain - Trivandrum - Spain
  • India visa (since. 61 €)
  • Personal expenses.
  • Anything not indicated in It includes.
  • Option of yoga and meditation. 10 euros per class (pay directly there if you want to perform)
  • Option to receive massages and treatments loose ( 20 and massage, pay directly there if you want to perform. Upon arrival delivered an updated menu with prices if you want to perform)
  • Option to do a panchakarma, purification ,It is to receive a daily half hour massage or treatments , consultation with Dr., and internal medicine, every day for 7 days. If you want to make this special course program also has to be processed before reaching , when booking process for course. The cost of a panchakarma for 6 O 7 days is 500 euros.



For projects in India, please, ask for more information and how to enroll by email info@lotusayurvedayoga.com

We spent long periods in Kerala or making withdrawals , Spain and phones are inactive.