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Yoga classes, asana practice and study, pranayamas, mudras, bands.

karma YogaTeachers yoga training 2013-14 La Seu d'Urgell

Theory or conference.

This course is aimed at anyone interested in exploring the science of Yoga , and for evolucinar as a person or to engage in yoga transmit to others( teachers).


It is also intended to complement the course of Ayurveda therapists, to learn to work, clean energy and protect themselves through yoga techniques and meditation , in order to learn and develop the source of knowledge of intuition.

They will be made 7 teaching hours daily , sessions delving into the study of asanas, pranayamas, meditations,mantras,etc, with theory 20% and above all practices 80% approximately.



The first part of the course are made basically practices.

  • Practices yoga sessions . Detailed explanation of the posture correction. Practices yoga sessions are delivered in dossier.

The second part of the course is performed:

  • Theory or conference
  • meditations , Views , Chant mantras ,pranayama and breathing exercises, relaxations…
  • Combination of practices with practical tests students
Native yoga teacher
Native yoga teacher


Practical part

  • Hatha yoga sessions ( a detailed dossier will be offered )Demonstration and practice of different types of asanas. Undoing the posture. Benefits of postures
  • Proper breathing in the posture
  • Detailed description of the correct posture
  • Sanskrit names- Castilian translation
  • Asanas clásicas de Hatha Yoga
  • rare asanas
  • Variants of asanas
  • advanced asanas
  • The application of mudras and banhas (energy keys) in the asanas.

theoretical (notes by students)

  • History del yoga
  • Evolution and goals of a yoga teacher
  • Branches of yoga ; Hatha,…
  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras ; yama, niyama,asana,pranayama,pratyahara,
  • Encompass,dhyana,samadhi.
  • Physiology and anatomy body bone and muscle humano.Estructura.
  • Anatomy of the energy body
  • Mantras or sacred sounds
  • psychophysical effects of asanas
  • Yoga and Health. Benefits of asanas.
  • Breathing and Pranayamas
  • feeding. balanced nutrition
  • Ayurvedic medicine
  • Relaxation
  • Shat karmas. Cleaning techniques
  • Partner Yoga.
  • Pedagogy of yoga.
  • How to build a yoga session from the physical point of view
  • How to build a yoga session from the energy point of view
  • How to adapt the sessions to all levels and different types of people
  • If
  • Nidra yoga
  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Los Koshs ( energy bodies)
  • Samsara , Being reincarnation and. the life after death.
  • Learn to build advanced yoga sessions
  • Asanas.Efectos the influences of each group of asanas.
  • Chakras y asanas
  • Sanskrit Dictionary / Castilian
  • Basics Yoga for pregnant
  • Yoga Basics and senior
  • Deepening the Yoga Nidra
  • Dimensions or states of mind



Master directs P.kumar Yoga teacher and native Indian Ayurveda , with the collaboration of Shevan, Spanish,

You can see curriculum school opening section, in the dropdown teachers.


Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine originated in India. the oldest health systems in the world are considered. They work a shift with continued practice, where we find ourselves and we start our internal pharmacy. It is a holistic approach to improvement and personal development, because it acts on all defenses and cells of our body repairing them, and for this reason, It can help cure all diseases. It is important to work all aspects or modalities of Yoga for a comprehensive health. Thus, This course works with the Hatha Yoga, which it is the technique using the positions, and the physical body, as a means. He Raja Yoga,mechanisms that handles mentals.El Karma Yoga that is selfless action and de-identified. He Bhakti Yoga, cultivates devotion and love puroEl Mantra Yoga ,It uses sounds and musical tones to induce states interiors.El Dhyana Yoga is the internal transformation by the meditation.also they made pranayamas, or exercises control breathing, Savasana our energy vital.Y, that is relaxation and total immobility, where it is absorbed all the benefits of Yoga. Yoga is the medicine of the West, since the excess of activities, It takes many concerns, and we forget about taking a few moments to ourselves, we are the most important.


  • Students will receive a training certificate at the end of the course Yoga teacher 300 h .
  • All certificates are issued by Bank of Ayurveda and Yoga , registered in the Government.
  • You need to have attended the 80 % sessions and 100% payment, although some seminary is missing
  • 1 theoric exam .
  • 1 practical test (A yoga practice session)


Of the 7 al 18 July 2020




Kottukal a 25 Km from Trivandrum Airport,in a green setting surrounded by palm trees and coconut trees 3 km of beautiful beaches .

The accommodations is homestays . They are family homes adapted with good conditions and amenities . Most are newly built following the old model homes typical kerala but modernized. The idea is to offer a different and unique experience in a rural setting with friendly service and staff, where you can fully contact with the population and interact with their day to day, away from the usual tourist spots where only tourists and traders. That is to say, the place is an opportunity to learn the yogic rural India authentic ayurvedic .

The food is lacto ovo vegetarian. It's a balance us focused on food and purify, by families exclusively for us, with love and using local organic products.



Rural house specialists ayurveda and yoga
Rural house specialists ayurveda and yoga


Since 1560 € / 116.000 rupees, per person in a double room or triple.

OPTIONAL : Single room supplement: 600 € / 44.00o rp 2 weeks / Panchakarma 1000 €/ 70.000 rp ( 2 weeks)

Exceptionally whether to make a charge in local currency (Indian rupee ) It will apply the exchange rate (INR/EUR) there that day on the Internet at XE : www.xe.com


  • 12 nights in a double room or triple bed and full board.
  • Airport transfers .
  • Training course yoga teacher (84 teaching hours)
  • Registered certificate ( 300 hours )


  • International flights Return to Trivandrum
  • India visa (since. 61 €)
  • Personal expenses.
  • Anything not indicated in It includes.
  • Option to receive massages and treatments loose ( pay directly there if you want to perform. Upon arrival delivered an updated menu with prices if you want to perform)
  • Option to do a panchakarma, purification ,It is to receive an hour and a half daily massages or treatments , consultation with Dr., and internal medicine, every day during 12 days. If you want to make this special course program also has to be processed before reaching , when booking process for course. The cost of a panchakarma for 12 days is 1000 euros/ 70000 rp



All the programs, dates and prices are fully published on the website ♥ For reservations contact by email